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Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup

Ah, the debate that has plagued the makeup community for decades: Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup. Which is better? Which is more cost effective? Which is more practical? In this article, we hope to shed some light on the differences between the two to help you decide if Airbrush Makeup is right for you.

Airbrush Makeup

What is it?

Airbrush Makeup is a liquid makeup that is fired through an air gun. This air gun is controlled by a trigger and when you pull the trigger, the makeup emerges in the form of a mist. Holding this at just the right distance and for the right amount of time over a subject provides a very even application of makeup that almost looks as though the subject isn’t wearing makeup at all.

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage of Airbrush Makeup is simply how good it looks. You really have to see it to believe it. Many women comment that it almost looks as if you aren’t wearing makeup at all but just have almost unnaturally beautiful skin. This type of makeup has become hugely popular in recent years as it is one of the few makeups that looks flawless on High Definition television and film.

Airbrush makeup doesn’t tend to shine very much and leaves a matte finish. At the same time, Airbrush Makeup tends to be waterproof, so it doesn’t matter much if you start to cry with it on (See: Will Airbrush Makeup resist crying?). On top of this, Airbrush Makeup lasts a long time without needing a touch-up, which is very helpful for long, important days such as weddings and photo-shoots.

What are the disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of Airbrush Makeup is the practical aspect of it. It simply isn’t as easy to apply and can’t be applied anywhere. You can’t whip out your Airbrush Makeup gun on the metro and start applying it (without causing a scene at least). You also need to keep your Airbrush Makeup kit clean regularly and perhaps replace some parts after a while. Finally, it can be hard to get good information on Airbrush Makeup. This website was created to fill the information gap in the Airbrush Makeup world but it’s more difficult to go to your local mall and find an expert in Airbrush Makeup. Many of the best kits can only be purchased online, which is why it pays to check out some reviews before you buy.

It will also take time and practice to get good at Airbrush Makeup. If you’ve been using regular makeup your whole life you will have some idea about colors and how to get a good look but the application process with Airbrush Makeup is totally different. It’ll take time to get used to the feel of applying makeup through an airbrush and will take practice to become really good at it. Normally it doesn’t take too long to get proficient at applying Airbrush Makeup, but expect to have at least a few ‘trial runs’ at home before wearing it outside for the first time! It can be a good idea to get some classes, but these might not be available in your area.

Finally, there is the cost aspect. Normally makeup artists will charge more for an Airbrush Makeup application as it is considered a specialised skill. If you want to buy your own kit and do it at home, it could cost quite a lot to buy the compressor and airbrush gun in the first place which isn’t necessary with regular makeup. (For more information, see How much does Airbrush Makeup Cost?). That said, over the long run, it shouldn’t work out much more expensive than regular branded makeup.

Regular Makeup

What is it?

I’m sure most of you already know what traditional makeup is so I won’t go into too much detail here. Essentially regular makeup comprises of creams and compressed powders that are applied to the face using either the fingers or instruments such as small brushes.

What are the advantages?

Normal makeup is easy to put on, wherever you are. It doesn’t require any special equipment or even an electrical socket. For this reason, it is easy to touch up as you go through the day. It is everywhere, and easy to find in a store near you. There is a huge market for regular makeup in the world and you can be guaranteed to find a makeup product that will work  for you and your skin. Because of the huge amount of competition, prices also tend to be quite reasonable, even on the top brands.

What are the disadvantages?

Regular makeup won’t look quite as ‘flawless’ as Airbrush Makeup. It is also more likely to smudge and be affected by water such as tears. It’s more likely to rub off onto clothing, too. On the plus side, due to its versatility, it is easier to reapply than Airbrush Makeup. That said, if you are weighing up the two for your wedding day, it might be better to go for the Airbrush Makeup as it is impractical to keep going to one side to reapply the makeup. In this sense Airbrush Makeup should be more durable.

Although we mentioned that Airbrush Makeup took time to learn how to apply, we should also bear in mind that putting on traditional makeup takes practice and is still something of an art. Both types of makeup have a learning curve but with regular makeup we assume that most reading this will already have some experience with it as it is everywhere.

Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup

Often the decision between Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup often comes down to personal choice. That said, don’t rule out Airbrush Makeup without giving it a go first; you might be pleasantly surprised!

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