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An introduction to Airbrush Makeup makeup

The makeup used in Airbrush Makeup is in fact very similar to traditional makeup. It comes in wide ranges of colors and consists of foundations, blushes, eyeshadow, eyeliner; everything you might expect from traditional makeup. Just like normal makeup, you’ll need to combine these in order to design a look that works well for you and your skin tone. Fortunately, Airbrush Makeup is just as easy, if not easier, than regular makeup to do this. The amount you spray will define how clear the color on the skin becomes. If you don’t need very much foundation, then you don’t need to spray the makeup for long. If however there are a number of blemishes to conceal, spraying more foundation will allow you to get an opaque coverage.

The key difference between Airbrush Makeup and Regular makeup is the way in which it is applied. Airbrush Makeup is in liquid form in order to allow it to sprayed out of the Airbrush gun.

There are 3 major types of Airbrush Makeup

  • Water-based makeup. This has, in recent years, become the most common type of Airbrush Makeup. It is the one least likely to cause any kind of issues as it is hypoallergenic and consists primarily of harmless distilled water with colors. It leaves a matte finish and is the ‘go-to’ makeup for millions worldwide. Thanks to its universal appeal, many leading Airbrush Makeup manufacturers such as Dinair only sell water-based makeup. One downside of water-based makeup is that it isn’t quite as water resistant as silicone-based makeup. That said, water based makeup is easier to clean off or rearrange if you make a mistake while applying it or need a touch-up later in the day. Using water-based makeup also helps with the maintenance of your Airbrush Makeup gun, as it tends to be easier to clean than silicone based makeup.
  • Silicone-based makeup. This is the second most popular type of makeup. Many swear by silicone-based makeup as it tends to provide a more striking look than water-based makeup. It also tends to be slightly more water-resistant than water-based makeup. That said, many are wary to apply silicone-based makeup to their skin due to health concerns. The debate over whether silicone is good or bad for the skin has raged for many years, and continues to be hotly debated. That said, there are some other disadvantages to silicone-based Airbrush Makeup. It’s more difficult to clean than normal makeup (it gets stuck in the Airbrush Makeup gun easier) and also a little harder to remove from the skin after application. Due to these concerns, a number of manufacturers have removed silicone makeup from their products but others such as Temptu continue to sell them.
  •  Alcohol-based makeup This is the least common form of Airbrush Makeup. It’s generally used for body paint applications and should be avoided on the face as it’s the most likely of the three to provoke some kind of skin reaction and can dry out the skin. Most users of Airbrush Makeup shouldn’t need to use alcohol-based makeup on a regular basis.

Our suggestion is to start with water-based Airbrush Makeup if you are a beginner and progress to silicone-based makeup if you want to try this at a later date. You probably won’t need alcohol-based makeup.

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