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Cleaning your Airbrush Makeup Gun

The bad thing about Airbrush Makeup is that it requires quite a lot of cleaning. If you don’t clean your Airbrush Makeup system regularly then dried makeup can become stuck inside the system and prevent it from working properly. Although this can be annoying to do on a regular basis, it gets a lot easier when you get used it to and soon you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed! Hopefully this guide will help you to speed up the process.

Make sure you have the correct materials

Normally your Airbrush Makeup kit will come with some kind of cleaning fluid and with instruments to clean the system. That said, you can often find many of these materials in your local D.I.Y. store if you happen to lose them. Often,we find that simple distilled water will work just fine, but if you feel that you need something a bit stronger then we have heard that windex and other household cleaning fluids can also work. That said, you need to be very careful about using such products and you do so at your own risk! It’s a good idea to rinse these thoroughly after use to make sure there are no chemicals left (after all- you are spraying this on your face!). If you are concerned about using cleaning fluids on your equipment then there are some natural alternatives that also work well*.

Day to day cleaning

You can use the brushes provided to clean the cups of the gun after each use. If you have misplaced the brush you can use a q-tip.

To rinse the insides of the gun is very easy. First, place a few drops of distilled water in the Airbrush Makeup gun cup, second, place your finger over the nozzle to prevent any water coming out and third, pull on the trigger. With the water unable to come out of the nozzle, the flow will be reversed and the water will bubble in the cup and dislodge any makeup that had dried and got stuck inside the gun. After a few seconds, release your finger from the nozzle and spray the water out onto a tissue or cloth. Repeat this a few more times until the water that comes out is completely clear and free from any makeup.

Longer term maintenance and cleaning

Every few days or weeks (depending how often you use your Airbrush gun), you may want to clean the needle. This is very easy to do. Simply remove the needle from the gun (it’s a good idea to remove it to prevent unecessary damage) and unscrew the nozzle and the aircaps from the needle. After this wipe the needle with a q-tip and some distilled water/cleaning fluid.

Dinair cleaning video

Dinair have produced a very helpful video explaining how to clean your Airbrush Makeup gun properly. If you own a Dinair kit, this may be especially useful for you. For those who own other kits, it might still be useful to get an idea of what needs to be cleaned and how. Check it out below:

Some tips

  • Some companies such as Dinair sell ‘Daily Docking Jars’ that can be used to keep your Airbrush Makeup kit clean.
  • Although silicone makeups tend to be more impressive than other makeups, they can be harder to clean. If you are finding that your equipment is frequently getting jammed despite regular cleaning then check whether or not you are using silicone products and think about switching.
  • If you are cleaning with water, try to use distilled water as using water from the tap increases the risk of mineral deposits such as  calcium.

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