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How long does Airbrush Makeup last?

This is a question we regularly receive here at Airbrush Makeup Reviews. Many choose to use Airbrush Makeup on special occasions and thus worry about whether or not Airbrush Makeup will last them the whole day, or even longer. Normal makeup famously needs touching up and constant reapplicaitons, particularly on long days/when sweating/crying etc.

The good news is that Airbrush Makeup naturally resists water and should last between 12-16 hours. In other words, it should last until you take it off. Some women have claimed that airbrush makeup will last as long as you have it on and claim to have worn it for days at a time. For skin hygiene reasons, and to prevent your skin from looking like an acne-ridden 14 year old, we don’t recommend this!

There are a couple of things you can do in order to maximise how long your Airbrush Makeup lasts. Firstly, before you apply the makeup, make sure that your skin is completely clean. If your skin is even slightly greasy or dirty then it can prevent the makeup from settling properly on the skin. Secondly, don’t put too heavy a coating of Airbrush Makeup on the skin. It’s much better to do a few very light coats than one heavy coating. A few light coats should easily last the whole day. If a professional is applying your makeup, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you are doing it yourself and still getting used to applying the makeup, then this may be an issue. Finally, later in the day you should be careful with the makeup, particularly if you start to cry.

That said, for special occasions, such as weddings or photo shoots, you shouldn’t worry too much about how long you have your makeup on if it’s applied properly. It is possible to have a ‘touch-up’ later in the day if it’s a particularly hot day, for example, as the makeup can get a little shiny. That said, this is rarely really necessary and no-one else will probably realise that the makeup has changed at all. The durability of the makeup is one of the best things about airbrush makeup, so enjoy it!

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