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Traveling with an Airbrush Makeup Kit

Once you have learned of the benefits of Airbrush Makeup first hand, you’re gonna want to take it everywhere you go! But is this realistic? Just how portable is an Airbrush Makeup kit? In this article, we’re going to look at how feasible it is to travel with an Airbrush Makeup kit.

Think about what you’ll need, and don’t pack too much

When traveling with an Airbrush Makeup kit, you might well take more than you need. Remember, the need to take an Airbrush Makeup applicator means that you’ll probably end up taking more than you would if you were taking regular makeup. So the goal here is to keep it simple and only take the foundations/colours/powders etc that you will actually need. Make sure all the makeup is tightly sealed, but be careful with twisting some of them too tight as it might damage it.

If you are worried about arriving on the beach with untanned winter legs (ouch!), then get a spray tan before you set off to save time and space.¬†When it comes to the applicator, make sure it’s clean before you leave (this just makes life on holiday that much easier!) and ensure that you have packed a correct power adapter for your machine!

Traveling on a plane

Airbrush applicators themselves are generally fine to take on planes in your carry-on baggage. That said, they can look a little like a weapon, particularly in the x-ray machine. For that reason, try and make it as simple as possible for the security staff to identify that you are only carrying an airbrush makeup kit by placing the applicator at the top of a transparent bag. If you are unsure, place them in your hold baggage.

Liquids also face restrictions around the world, so you need to make sure your actual makeup is less than 3.4 ounces (100ml) per container otherwise you’ll need to place it in your hold baggage. These should be in a plastic ziplock bag with other liquids such as toothpastes that you plan to take on the plane.

Traveling with Airbrush Makeup is easy and you shouldn’t feel you have to switch back to regular makeup just because you go away for a few days! Professional Airbrush Makeup artists travel up and down the country on planes to apply makeup for special occasions without any issues.

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