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What is ‘Airbrush Makeup’?

This is perhaps the first question that people who hear about Airbrush Makeup ask. What is it? Why might I be interested in it? Here we’ll try and give a bit of background to Airbrush Makeup. If you’re interested, have a look through our guide to learn more.

Airbrush makeup is a means of applying makeup that uses an airbrush, similar to those used in the painting of cars. Of course, the pressure of the airbrush is very gentle and allows for a smooth application of makeup without cracks or streaks. The makeup comes in liquid form is pumped through the gun using a compressor, which compresses air to provide the pressure necessary.

Airbrush Makeup has boomed in popularity in recent years. As more and more women (and men!) begin to appreciate the truly stunning look that Airbrush Makeup can provide. Many comment that Airbrush Makeup almost looks as if the subject isn’t wearing makeup at all, but rather that they just have very good skin. The resurgence is also somewhat thanks to the advent of High Definition Television (HDTV). With such high quality pictures it becomes much easier to see imperfections in regular makeup and Airbrush Makeup has become the ‘go-to’ makeup. It’s durability is also a major factor, as it lasts for hours and is water-resistant. This has led to it being increasingly used for weddings and other special occasions where regular makeup might not last.

Airbrush Makeup comes in the form of a very thin liquid. This liquid is highly colorized and is sprayed directly onto the skin of the subject. Film formers can also be applied if the makeup is needed to stay for a particularly long period of time.

Airbrush Makeup ¬†allows for precision and beautiful makeup application. In many ways, it is an art in itself. Due to it’s huge popularity in professional circles, it has now started to reach domestic customers. There are now a number of a products available for individuals to try applying airbrush makeup. All of these products are reviewed on this site.

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