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Will Airbrush Makeup resist crying? What do I do if I cry with Airbrush Makeup on?

Airbrush Makeup is often used at weddings or other occasions where it might all just get a bit emotional. If you are using Airbrush Makeup on a daily basis, then you may also need to know if the makeup will still look as good after crying.

One of the greatest things about Airbrush Makeup is the fact that it is water-resistant and thus should survive any bouts of tears. The makeup in fact lasts a long time and can deal with sweat, tears and humidity with ease.

In case you find yourself crying while wearing Airbrush Makeup (perhaps you are so taken aback by how good it looks you are moved to tears!) then it’s very simple. All you have to do is dab the tears lightly with a tissue. Don’t wipe the tears as doing so increases the chance of the makeup smudging (it shouldn’t anyway). Some women state that after really intense bouts of crying the makeup can streak a little, but in our experience this is due to a a lot of crying (think Gwyneth Paltrow at the oscars).

Even if some streaking occurs, it shouldn’t be very noticeable. It might just make the original airbrush makeup not look as clear and bright as before. This can be quickly touched up with another application of Airbrush Makeup or even putting a small amount of regular makeup on top (but only if you feel it’s really necessary, this could cause complications later so it’s not recommended). If you don’t have access to your own airbrush makeup kit or airbrush makeup artist on the day, then it’s recommended to just use a little powder to touch up streaking with regular makeup, nothing else should be necessary.

In short, this is a topic which is particularly worrying for many women, particularly those who think they might cry on their wedding day. Fortunately, many of these women need not to worry too much, as Airbrush Makeup is water resistant and can even hold up OK if it rains! If you do find yourself crying with Airbrush Makeup applied, simply dab at the tears and apply some powder if you really feel you need it. Good luck!

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