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Le Cosmetique Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Le Cosmetique is not the best known brand of Airbrush Makeup but they still make quite a good product. In my opinion they are a little overpriced for what they offer. If their kits sold for 50 dollars then they might be worth the money but the fact they sell for 380 plus makes them just not worth it. The review below was written by Tricia:

When I first ordered the Le Cosmetique I have to say that I thought it would be of quite a good quality. I mean, it costs quite a lot and looks pretty good, it has to be worth it right? Sadly, although the kit wasn’t terrible, it just screamed of mediocrity. Opening it up I could feel that something wasn’t right simply because it didn’t seem to feel quite right. Everything seemed like it was made of plastic and although the airbrush seemed to be of a pretty good quality the compressor looked so small that I might lose it if I weren’t careful.

My bad feelings about the compressor turned out to be right and it was very slow. When I say very slow, I mean it was painfully slow. Even other cheap airbrush makeup products weren’t this slow, I was really amazed. The only good thing I would say about this kit is the makeup itself. The makeup which was included seemed to be of a very good quality and looked good. Shame that the rest of the kit just wasn’t up to it.