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Luminess Air Platinum Kit Review

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Love it!!

Jul 06, 2015 by Joan
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely 

I have been using Luminess for about 2 years and would not use anything else. I have been asked MANY times what I use. I am 67 and have been told that I look at least 15 to 20 years younger since starting to use Luminess. I don't know where all the complaints are coming from. As for the money end of it, it states very clearly what the price is and also the monthly program. I opted out of that and only buy what I need when I need it, and have had no problems communicating what I need. Have had no language barriers at all. Have had no problems getting what I need when I need it.

luminess makeup

Feb 23, 2015 by Jennifer Deuesenberry
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: N/a 

Love the airbrush, it has needed a few new parts in 6months, and the make up is great other than the top breaks off the bottle for some reason and sticks in the cap and you get make up every place when you shake it to mix it and find out the top is broke off. This has happened to three bottles and they do not replace makeup so it is a big waste. They act like they have never heard of this happening, however, I am careful with it all and it has happen it just cracks in to two pcs. Looking to buy makeup elsewhere. Shipping takes a long time also.

Great Customer Service

Nov 21, 2014 by Krista
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I called to cancel the membership to the makeup club. The person was not from some random country and spoke great english. She helped me cancle the membership and also helped me set up my payments so that they came out when I wanted them to. She was very nice and helpful and even waived one of my payments for me.

If you thought you were only paying $30 for the whole thing then maybe someone shouldn't allow you to have a debit card. And if you didn't know you were being auto enrolled for the make up then you either don't listen or don't read. They don't lead you to believe that you are only going to pay $30 for the whole system and they definatley say again and again about the make up deliver program.

Good coverage

Apr 08, 2014 by Cheryl
Professional Or Personal?: Both • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I have used Luminessair for well over a year. I get excellent coverage. I am 65 yr old and get asked all the time what I put on my face. I use it almost daily . It only takes me a few minutes to put it on. I have used airbrushes in the past for various reasons as I taught cosmetology. My only complaint is that my orders take weeks to arrive.

Rip off

Aug 26, 2012 by Eileen

The product didn’t work 1st time I used it in april. I thought it was just $29.95 so I said oh well. But it was 4 payments of $29.95 and didn’t know they enrolled me in auto shipment of foundation at $49.99 ugh. What a rip off I hope a class action lawsuit is waged. I felt seriously ripped off.

OK, but going to purchase another

Jul 16, 2012 by Leslie

I have had this system for 4 yrs. I like it but find it to be a pain to use daily…it doesn’t sit on my make-up area and has to be put away…out of site out of mind. I have resorted back to minerals…I love the way airbrush looks and I’m going to sell my Luminese and purchase another brand that is more functional in my make-up area…

Complete scam

Apr 11, 2012 by cari
Recommend To A Friend?: NO 

I bought the spring system online and it was supposed to include eye shadow. When I called back after I rec’d it, they told me that it never included eye shadow and they had no idea what I was talking about. I went online to try and prove it but every system that was on there two weeks prior, had been changed. It doesn’t work like they say it does so I tried to return it after having it a week. I was told it was a final sale even though that was never stated. They also told me I signed up for the “club membership” but would have to call back in a week to cancel it. What, after they charge my credit card? The customer service dept must be in Dubai or somewhere because the communication is poor at best. This company is a total scam. I would stay very far away from them.

Terrible customer service

Apr 04, 2012 by Traci
Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely not 

IF YOU LOVE CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM INDIA, WITH NO COOPERATION, THEN THE LUMINESS IS FOR YOU. I found out that the compressor is only 5 psi. This has no power to do a decent job. The product spills out of the applicatior, the applicaion and air flow is not consistant, and the colors look like cheap dollar makeup on your face. I am retuning my Kit but had to make the phone call to find out that I have to absorb a re-stocking fee an ALL of the shipping. Then they tell you that they wont take it back unless you have very specific things, making it impossible for most to return bc people buy things in good faith and through away the packaging. well folks, they want that and if you dont have it, then you dont get your money back. Also was on hold forever. Very unsatisfied with this experience. Buyer Beware!!! They are charging me over $60.00 for my greif.

Love it so far

Mar 15, 2012 by Cheri
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I have had the Luminess now for about one month. I’m getting used to using and have found I love it, so far. I have noticed that it sputters on occassion but then it clears up. I’ve cleaned each and every use. Will give it time to see how it goes

No money back guarantee

Mar 13, 2012 by LC

purchased the Luminess Airbrush Tanning. it did not cover up what I wanted to cover up, which is fine. Not everything will work for everyone. however, I had an issue with there 30 day money back guarantee. I purchased the item for $149. with free shipping. They are only going to refund $119.05 because they are charging me $29.95 for something. I asked him to repeat his self 4x, but I could not understand him with his strong accent. I just quit. No need to argue because they have control over it. They should not advertise 30-day money back guarantee because it get’s people thinking it is the “full” money back guarantee. I have never returned something and did not get the full refund (except shipping) that states “30 day money back guarantee.”


Feb 01, 2012 by Sarah

YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT WORKS SOOOO WELL. Best thing you will ever buy!!

Really like this makeup

Jan 23, 2012 by Dawn

I got my compressor from craigslist. You might wonder why it was sold, the woman was a makeup artist and quit working. Sounded like she was moving and maybe a newly wed and didn’t need to work anymore.
Its sold at hobby lobby the Iwata ninja and the airbrush also hobby lobby. Look in the section where model cars are. I was surprised it was so close all this time! I wanted a compressor that a pro would use and I am very happy with it.
The woman I bought mine from gave me the small size bottles of temtu pro and a few things of dinair makeup.
I wanted to try several brands.
I went to a mac store and got a bottle of there airbrush makeup. I returned it a couple days later. I found that at only one store out of a major chain (Dillards)where I live sells some of the Luminess makeup actually in the store,I really do like this makeup. I went with a little bottle at first and blew thru it in 2 weeks. Mostly just figuring it out. I got the bigger bottle today hopefully I have it figured out! As for the temtu pro which is online only I also like it and would use it if I could get it in a store. The Dinair that I got was only a blush,liner,moist and dewy and a champagne thing, I like all of those.
I just like going to a store. The mac is probably good and I may try it again I tried that one after only a couple days of practice.
I LOVE Airbrush my skin is getting better and I think I am getting better at applying it. I have started getting compliments from people that don’t know its not traditional makeup.

Airbrush Makeup Reviews , USA 2.9 5.0 39 39 I have been using Luminess for about 2 years and would not use anything else. I have been asked MANY times what I use. I am 67 and have been told that I look at least 15 to 20 ye