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Temptu Airbrush Makeup System Reviews

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the good and the not so good

Sep 21, 2013 by Emma Bijoux
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Maybe 

I've been using Temptu for over a year now. This was the first air kit I ever used.

The Good: easy to apply; very lightweight and feels good; great customer service.

The Not So Good: half the pods I've ordered don't work which is very frustrating (but this is where great customer service comes in...they send replacements at no cost but you should keep a spare on hand for the meantime); some pods have a very foul odor; product is rather sheer; color matching is tedious since you have to change pods and can't mix colors.

At a point now where the not-so-good is outweighing the good, so am now looking into other air makeup brands.

1st brand to try

Mar 25, 2013 by Dana E
Professional Or Personal?: Personal • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

I loved the feel of the make-up. It went on smoothly. The down side, the machine felt cheap. The 'gun' for the pod is made of plastic. The trigger started catching. I was able to return it to my local store. I would love to find a good airbrush system.

Several problems

Mar 05, 2013 by JZ Todd

I purchased the Temptu system this year, a few months ago. I have had several problems with the blush and foundation airpods. It is difficult to find the right match of foundation online so I have had to use several different ones to find the best match for me and I must say, the CSRs at Temptu were very helpful with returns and guidance. The most problems have been with the blush airpods not functioning at the recommended settings or the airpod seemed to be empty and would not function at any setting. The system is easy to use but time consuming. I would have returned the system if I was not retired because it takes so long to get the pods working well.

Jan 10, 2013 by Franell LaFollette

My biggest complaint about the Temptu system is the amount of product wasted. I have numerous pods with fairly large quantities of product remaining in them that will absolutely NOT spray. If the company would make good on these I wouldn’t really have any complaint, but this problem makes this system very expensive. I always close each pod properly so there is a definite flaw in the plan.

Love it

Mar 27, 2012 by Denise Domingues

I love my Temptu machine and products the silicone base is amazing! I’ve had mine for 3 years and not one issue with compressor. The only complaint I have is that Sephora no longer carries Temptu and they aren’t very good at keeping the products in stock

More to come!

Dec 16, 2011 by Gennadi Fedorov

I am the inventor of Temptu Airbrush and Air Pods. I had invented the airbrush four years ago and spent two years developing and perfecting the system and pods. I still do. Iwas working with and on airbrushes of all sorts and models since age 10 and I can say that this system is unique and special, not just because I am its author. But this is not the end of Temptu creations. I am working now on a new Hi-Tech technology for Temptu’s next great “splash” in consumer cosmetics. Stay tuned, Temptu fans!

broken before first use

Dec 02, 2011 by jackie

i brought the temptu system and when i took it home it was already broken, i took it back to the store and brought a new one i didn’t even have it a week before the second one broke, not worth the money at all!

Try them all

Nov 08, 2011 by Amy

Try all the brands if you can before you recommend them – the temptu airbrush can use either SB (silicone based) or water based foundation – this way you can see which brand of makeup you like – the dianir system can’t spray SB – so why invest in it – you can also go to any site that sells airbrush equipment and purchase a gun and compressor seperatly – and then order one or 2 bottles of foundation from several companies to see whose makeup you enjoy working with. Iwata makes great airbrush tools – you need a compressor and a needle that is approx. .25 to .5 for airbrush makeup – the iwata smartjet is a great compressor. Goodluck

Love it

Apr 25, 2011 by Mila
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I am currently working with the TEMPTU S/B- 35 and I love it. What I do not like is the rude customer service I have been getting. I was sent a dirty defective gun in the first place and had to return it. TEMPTU tried to charge me full price. The product is excellent but the customer service is terrible. I will never order temptu again.

No complaints

Feb 03, 2011 by marisela

I have been using the Temptu system for a few months now and I have no complaints at all. I have the s/b and aqua foundations and I love them both. Keep practicing and get to know the product.

Jan 23, 2011 by confused

I am confused as why some customers are complaining about this for use on clients as this is a personal system & not a pro one. You can’t expect professional results from a personal airbrush system compared to a professional 1. There are many many differences -I suggest looking into the differences before you sit & complain about a system & type of make-up before you have learned all facts & details.


Jan 11, 2011 by irene

i don’t have the machine but i have had the chance to get spray by a make up rep at sephora and it was horrible. the way it felt on my face was heavy, oily and it look as if i was a drag queen. hated it, but my friend has one and she loves it sometimes her make up looks good and sometimes it just doesn’t look the part. personally i think its over rated.

Airbrush Makeup Reviews , USA 3.3 5.0 19 19 I've been using Temptu for over a year now. This was the first air kit I ever used.The Good: easy to apply; very lightweight and feels good; great customer service. The Not